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In the decisive battle between human and demons hundreds of years ago, Ultimate Pluto, the leader of the demons, who was beaten by the forces of humanity. However, he escaped and swore an oath to eternally seek vengeance upon those who had disrupted his plans.
Now, the Solar Saint is aware that Ultimate Pluto has come back. The demon currently resides in Dis City, a black mark upon the earth.

a)Requirements:Level 110 or above.
b)Time: Mon & Wed 8:00pm-9:30pm PST or Tues & Thurs 12:00pm-1:30pm PST

  • For Sure:Experience
  • Gained in the 3rd Stage:Lucky Amulet
  • May be gained:NightDevil
  • Quest Reward:SpecialDress

III.How it’s done:
You shall go in Ape City before the quest starts so you make sure you’ll participate.When the quest starts, speak with SolarSaint: “I am here to drive away the devils” and then click “Yes” to be teleported.
The quest is divided into 4 Stages, each with its own objective.
First Stage:
Objective:Gain 5 SoulStones.

After you are teleported into the Dis City quest special map, your first objective is to gather a number of 5 Soul Stones. Soul Stones are dropped from the monsters in the first stage. You shall start right away to kill either Phatoms/UndeadSoldiers/UndeadSpearmen/Revenants or Eidolons. As fast you advance to the next stage, the more mobs you will find there and less people will be there.
When you’ve found all the SoulStones, pass the bridge and you’ll find SolarSaint at the end of it. Speak with him and click “I’m ready”.You will be then teleported to the second stage.
Note: Only 60 players can advance to the second stage!

Second Stage:

  • Water Taoists: Kill 600 Monsters
  • Trojans:Kill 800 Monsters
  • Warriors:Kill 900 Monsters
  • Fire Taoists:Kill 1000 Monsters
  • Archers:Kill 1300 Monsters


When you enter in this stage, make sure you don’t waste your time looking around,just go and kill. While Centicores,and Nagas have low HP, HellTrolls have a lot of HP.
I suggest you not wasting your time killing monsters one by one if you are an archer or fire, cuz you will lose a lot of time. After you finish your objective the system will announce that you can advance to the next stage. Find SolarSaint and choose one of the flank you want to go in.
Note:Only 30 players can advance to the next stage (15 players per flank)


Third Stage:
Objective:Kill Wraiths until their number decrease to a certain level.

After you are teleported in one of the flank you choose to go in, you may go to find one of the spawn with Wraiths. There are 12 spawns of Wraiths on the map. You may go and look for one, and help all the others, or join your friends on one of the spawn an help him or wait to be teleported. Note that Wraiths may drop Night Devil skill, which is very rare and precious, but the possibility is very low.

When the objective is achieved, all the players in the flank will be teleported to the final Stage.


Final Stage:
Objective: Kill Ultimate Pluto, gain Dark horn and give it to Solar Saint.

This is a free PK map, this means all the participants can PK freely without gaining any PK Points.

When arriving into the 4th stage, you and all the others participants must go and kill Syrens, very powerful monsters. After all the Syrens are killed, Ultimate Pluto will emerge. This is the moment when all starts to PK because they want the DarkHorn, so after Ultimate Pluto dies, it'll drop Dark Horn. You may fight to get it or wait for the player which got it to give it to SolarSaint.