30.10.2020 - 17:04

 Server Version: 5062  /  Server Type: Classic  /   First Reborn only 

Maximum of +9 items  /   Maximum of 130 levels / -5 Bless    

Old Classes only (Trojan, Archer, Taoist, Warrior)  /   Get socket's by spamming    

Lots of Quests and Events  /   Rates: Medium  /   Red/Black DROP Gear  

Location EU (best ping all around)  /  No Nobility  /  No Potency  

No Talismans  /  No Ninja  /  No Mentors  /  No Item Lock  /   No + stone's  

We have prepared a very nice game for the best classic experience.

Our server has been developed from scratch, programmed and tested over many months.

Heavily customized game client. With hundreds of bug fixes, our client is like no other.

We have also worked hard on upgrading certain parts of the graphics engine to support features such as anti-aliasing and even multisampling - all using a classic 1.0 client.


We will be happy to see you with us