24.11.2020 - 06:58
Vip Features
Vip Normal Players Vip Players
Vip Players get 4x Exp from Exppotion 2x 4x
Mining automatic delete ores None Yes
Vip Players get more stamina %0 %20
Notifications when +1, elite, super are dropped from monsters None Yes
Auto pick-up quality items ( Elite & Super ) items None Yes
Auto pick-up Meteors, DragonBalls & Eggs None Yes
The gold that is dropped from monsters None Auto-pickup
Remotely pack MeteorScrolls & DragonBallScrolls None Auto
Remotely repair equiped items - You can wear items while repairing None Yes
Remotely open all cities in VipRoom None Yes
Buy Vip Garments for Gold in VipRoom None Yes
Change your body size for Gold VipRoom None Yes


How i can open socket my items?

if you want open to socket your items out of weapons you can open socket from Twin City by spamming meteor in addition you can open socket with +1 meteor in market.

How i can be reborn?

if you want make a reborn you should make celestial stone quest.  Later you can make Rb in Dreamland.

How i can make a Super Gem?

if you want make a super gem you need collect the 15 refined gem or you can make 110lvl water and get rb you can take directly super gem.You can find the normal gems in mining, hunting, ladyluck,and events.15 normal gems make 1 refined gem.

How i can find Super Tortoise gem?

You can only get it when you make 110 level water reborn

How i can join Lady Luck?

You can join the ladyluck with 500kk money or you can join the lottery ticket (lottery ticket drop by monsters)

How i can take a Garment?

You can reach to garment token by killing ganoderma and titan and you can take a Classic garment.İf you dont want classic garments you can purchase other garments in out website.

How can I change my gender in-game?

Only V.I.P players can change gender in game in the V.I.P room for gold

How i can make Bless my item?

You can hunting and find bless items.İf you make youself you need 
-1 to 5 tortoiese gem 
-1 to -3 for 1 tortoise gem 
-3 to -5 for 3 torioise gem

What is the Rent Archers

We have new Rent Archer System.

Rent Archers only for 1 Day. (24Hours)

Next day Automatic change password and delete all items.

You can keep track of your remaining watch in the top right corner.

With 1 hour remaining, there will be a constant reminder to transfer your belongings.

We are not responsible for your lost items. 

Because our reminder will warn you

Dont forget Rent Archers only for Plvl and Collect items.

This system for plvl ur character.

You can collect items while leveling.

Rent Archers have full +9 2 Socket 2 SDG -7 items.

Rent Archers have Cyclone Skill

Rent Archers items cant be trade.

Rent Archers cant open PK.

Rent Archers cant enter Server Events.

Rent Archers cant enter Guild War.

İf Rent Archers try open pk they will be go 1 Hour Jail.

How can i get up level

Lap 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 levelup easily but you need 2000Virtue Points. Than you need to go Simon NPC in TwinCity. After you can choose Lap 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.
You can go WineZone in mystic castle. Second floor levelup easily for All Classes. Dont forget you need healtwine for can enter map.