30.10.2020 - 16:54

We have new Rent Archer System.

Rent Archers only for 1 Day. (24Hours)

Next day Automatic change password and delete all items.

You can keep track of your remaining watch in the top right corner.

With 1 hour remaining, there will be a constant reminder to transfer your belongings.

We are not responsible for your lost items. 

Because our reminder will warn you

Dont forget Rent Archers only for Plvl and Collect items.

This system for plvl ur character.

You can collect items while leveling.

Rent Archers have full +9 2 Socket 2 SDG -7 items.

Rent Archers have Cyclone Skill

Rent Archers items cant be trade.

Rent Archers cant open PK.

Rent Archers cant enter Server Events.

Rent Archers cant enter Guild War.

İf Rent Archers try open pk they will be go 1 Hour Jail.